Upcoming Sydney Swingers Parties

Check out our Upcoming Sydney swingers parties at Our Secret Spot – Sydney’s most glamorous swingers club in Sydney

The club is open every Friday, Saturday evening. The following dates are planned events.

The closest parties have a large description and banner detail the best upcoming Sydney swinger parties. xox


Sexy in His Shirt Party

  • Saturday 8th
  • Ladies – wear your man’s business shirt. The classic sexy look

Girls Night In

  • Friday 21st
  • A free event for ladies featuring sexy male waiters catering to your every whim.

Active Wear Party

  • Saturday 29th
  • An ultra sexy theme where you wear your hottest active wear

SexEd in the CitySexEd Session: Boudoir Photograpahy – 28th July 

Sex is fun! Right?
At least most of the time it is. Although occasionally we may find ourselves in awkward situations and we wish we had the ideas to get us out looking cool, calm and collected. Or perhaps you feel you could learn some new tricks to add to your repertoire that makes you the best shag in town. This comes down to experience and learning that the first step to becoming a sex superstar is to remember great lovers are made, not born.

With this in mind, Our Secret Spot proudly presents:

Sexual Education (SexEd) in the City.

SexEd is about bringing passionate and experienced educators in the lifestyle to discuss (and demonstrate) some of their favourite topics. SexEd Sessions covers a broad range of subjects – not just swinging.

This month’s SexEd Session is:

Boudoir, Erotic, Glamour and Nude photography was once relegated to the top-shelf magazines. Before the digital age lovers wishing to capture and share intimate moments faced choosing between sometimes creepy photographers or having their own sexy snaps refused by the developers. In today’s digital world thousands of intimate images are shared around the world every minute.  Today’s professional boudoir, erotic, and glamour photographers can produce amazing results.

Suppose you just want to produce some simple sexy images for the private enjoyment of your partner while they are away or even just out of the house. Perhaps you have signed up for a dating or swingers site and you wish to just leave the viewer wanting to find out more. Join the Sex Ed in the City Team as they show you how use light, positioning, backgrounds, angles and enhancements.  Using nothing but the smart phone in your in your pocket or a point and shoot camera. Learn how to protect your personal images from unexpectedly and unknowingly going viral. Our live Demo will show you how to capture the perfect shot for any body type, shape, size or persuasion.



Single Ticket =$15

Couples Ticket = $25

Ticketing info: Single men wishing to attend must contact us first by phone on 0478131769 so we can have a quick chat. Single men purchasing a ticket without calling us first will have their booking refunded minus the booking fee.

Book Tickets

Our last SexEd Session sold out so do not delay if you want to attend.


The session will begin at 7:15pm and go for 75 minutes.
Light canapes and refreshments on arrival.
Please arrive 15 minutes before the session start time of 7:15pm

After the session has concluded you are more than welcome to stay in the club and practice what you have just learned. A discounted entry fee of $100 per couple will apply, and single women may stay at no charge.

Active Wear Party

Active Wear Party – Saturday 29th July

On the 5th Saturday of the Month (whenever it occurs), OSS will feature the Active Wear Party.

Little explanation is needed – Active Wear Party is about hot bodies in tight gym clothes. But we’re going to a different type of workout – the OSS workout is much more fun and sexier. 😉

This event is ticketed with limited advance online sales receiving a $50 off door prices. Members, please get in touch with us to receive another $50 off with your members discount code.

Come and get your pump on!

Upcoming Sydney swingers parties | Newbie Night

Newbie Friday 4th August

Newbie Friday is a night for couples who are new to the swinging scene or perhaps have never visited a swingers club before. The feel of the club is an intimate crowd where you can have a drink, chat with the perfect background music and have some fun should you want to.

There is no pressure to do anything you don’t want to at the club – there never is. The club is a sexy place to hang out and entertain your fantasies. Whether you want to jump in head first or savour the voyeuristic spectacles, its all up to you.

Upcoming Sydney swingers parties

Monthly Mingle Friday 11th August

Would you like to meet more than one couple at a time without the pressure of being a party or club situation?

Perhaps you find it tough to find the time to meet couples when you have a handful you would like to see but the stars and moon never seem to line up.

Plus, you know the thrill of flirting over delicious cocktails is often half the fun.

The Monthly Mingle has been created with all this in mind. Red Hot Pie and Our Secret Spot have collaborated to bring you a meet and greet night at a trendy bar where couples can meet other couples over drinks and some food.

This is a fun event where you can get to know others in a less pressurised environment. Perfect for newcomers into the scene and those looking to expand their social circle.

The evening will last for approximately 2 hours to give you enough time to say ‘Hi’ and get comfortable with newfound friends. Should you wish to attend OSS with those new friends; discounted entry will be given to those in attendance at the Monthly Mingle.

The Monthly Mingle is for couples and single women only.

Please get in contact with us directly on 0478 131 769 so we can have a quick chat to verify we are speaking with a couple – we will then let you know the location of the bar.

Sexy in His Shirt – 12th August

Our Secret Spot welcomes you to ‘Sexy in His Shirt’.

You know the look – after a night of impromptu passion, you step out to buy you and your lover breakfast. When you open the door, she greets you with a smile and is wearing your business shirt from the day before. With only a few buttons done, her hair bouncing and relaxed you quickly forget breakfast – you need to eat something else now.

It’s the next morning after a night of impromptu passion. He has stepped out to buy some breakfast and you haven’t got a change of clothes. But you know the look to drive him wild… Put on his business shirt, do up a few strategic buttons and stand by the door with a smile. Simple and enough to make any man forget breakfast.

This is a party where the ladies play around in the simple and sexy look of a wearing his business shirt.

You can bring your own shirt and customise your look upon arrival. We will also provide shirts for those who require one on the night.

Big thanks to C from Swinging Downunder for giving us the idea for this party. If you haven’t already, check out their podcast and hear about C and D’s adventure through the swinging lifestyle. 

Our Secret Spot Masquerade Party

Next Masquerade Party is Saturday 19th August

Collect your sexy masks and then become who ever you want to be and do whatever you want to do!

The Masquerade party provides an extra level of intrigue and seduction. It only equals hot hot hot fun.

Join us and the many couples set to descend upon the club to meet, greet and who knows what else 😉

Sydney Swingers Glow Party

Glow Party is 22nd July

On the fourth Saturday of every month, the Glow Party is on at Our Secret Spot.

Come dressed in something sexy and bright! Some ideas are something WHITE OR FLURO.

At the Glow Party, the lounge room will plunge into black lights and your white and fluro attire will glow! It’s such a sexy and vibrant atmosphere.

We will also have some Glow in the Dark paint you can put on your body and Glow Sticks for a bit of extra fun.

This party is perfect for hot couples who love an ‘off the wall’ party while seducing or being seduced by other sexy couples.