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Our Secret Spot founders, Lawrence & Jess appear on ABC’s You Can’t Ask That.

Lawrence and Jess appear on You Can’t Ask That along side other swinging couples around Australia to answer questions and dispel myths about the swinging lifestyle. This episode is funny, cringeworhty and heart-felt… watch the show here.

Our Secret Spot founders, Lawrence & Jess appear on SBS’s ‘Insight’.

Lawrence and Jess join a panel discussion about open relationships to see how they work and if they can last… watch the interview here.

Our Secret Spot founder, Lawrence & Jess appear on Channel 7’s ‘The Morning Show’.

Swinger couple Lawrence and Jess join us to tell all about their lifestyle…watch the interview here.

Our Secret Spot founders, Jess and Lawrence, had a chat with Sydney’s 2Day FM 104.1 Breakfast team about the club and swinging.

Em, Grant and Ed had a candid chat with Lawrence and Jess about Our Secret Spot and swinging. Listen below.

Jess is the Queen of Our Secret Spot and empowering women to choose sexual liberation.

Meet the couple who run a sex club after discovering their shared love of swinging on their FIRST date…read the full article here.

Daily Mail Media

The secret is out!

Our Secret is featured in the Daily Mail Australia.

From the outside it’s just another terraced apartment in a quiet Sydney suburb. 

But step inside on the weekend, and you’ll find…read the article here.


What Actually Happens In A Swingers Club

Hear the owners of Our Secret Spot on Sydney’s Triple M 104.9 discuss with The Grill Team their swinging lifestyle and what actually happen inside a swingers club.